Balanced risk investment with adaptive yield

The ANA token transforms risk into reward, and generates wealth through an adaptive yield. With a built-in rising floor price, ANA is an investment with known maximum downside and unlimited upside.

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Illustration of the StarMonk sitting in the lotus position and holding ANA token
ANA price
Floor price
Market cap
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Market Driven Mint AMM

At Nirvana’s core is a new kind of AMM which mints and burns tokens on demand as tokens are bought from and sold to the protocol. ANA tokens are purchased with stablecoins which then remain in the protocol’s reserve to support both the floor value and market price. We call it a Market Driven Mint.

Chart showing how the buy and sell of ANA tokens is affecting its price.

Dynamic & sustainable yield

Instead of arbitrary rewards emitted by fiat, the market continuously calibrates the yield generated by holding ANA. The reward is directly proportional to the risk – as ANA moves further above the floor price, lowering its collateralization ratio, the yield for holding ANA increases and vice versa.

Chart showing how the difference between the floor and spot price of ANA token is affecting the risk for the investor and its correlation to the APY.
Chart showing the rising floor price line: before and after the rise.

Rising floor price

The ANA token is volatile, but price cannot go below its floor price that is permanently guaranteed by the protocol’s native market reserves. At any entry point, ANA speculators know exactly how much they can lose. But with increased demand for ANA, the floor rises and locks in permanent gains.

De-risking of stables by effective diversification

Stablecoins are the bedrock of DeFi, but they are risky & brittle. Nirvana builds its value on top of stablecoins, but de-risks exposure through diversification. It concentrates a diverse array of stablecoins into a single reserve, spreading out dependence on any single asset, while absorbing the shock if a stablecoin loses its value.

Chart showing the diversification of Nirvana reserve by a variety of stablecoins.

Zero-liquidation risk leverage

ANA’s minimum value (floor price) grants access to zero-liquidation-risk, negative interest-rate loans. Using ANA as collateral, speculators can borrow NIRV loans equal to the floor value of their locked ANA balance with no liquidation risk. Since the Nirvana protocol provides this liquidity, there are no parties to pay-off, and no interest rate on holding the loan. In fact, NIRV borrowers continue to earn yield on their locked ANA, effectively giving this debt a negative interest rate and making it DeFi’s first “borrow-to-earn” protocol.

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Answers to popular questions

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More to explore. The Nirvana whitepaper dives deeper changes to deeper into the technical capabilities and advanced features of the Nirvana smart contracts.


Using the roadmap of features and advancements outlined below, we are charting our path into the future of DeFi.

Q4 2021

  • Nirvana is born
  • team assembled
  • discord server created
  • first white paper released
  • first Airdrop
  • Sid’s first AMA

Q1 2022

  • NIRV is created
  • precommit period and fair token launch announced
  • pre-commit window opens

Q2 2022

  • Token Fair Launch begins
  • Nirvana protocol officially live: Mainnet launch
  • USDT and USDH added to the app
  • NIRV-USDC farming pool launched on Crema finance
  • price curve visualizer launched
  • Dynamic Floor raising implemented
  • sollet added
  • automated security audit passed with Sec3 (Soteria)
  • Weekly Dharma Launched
  • DAI onboarded

Q3 2022


updated website launched

In progress


Balancing the Nirvana reserves through a swap-to-earn module.

In progress

ANA lockers

Customized prANA reward rates for ANA stakers based on lock-up tenors.

Q4 2022

In progress

Jupiter integration

Direct routing into the ANA market, as well as the stablecoins in the Nirvana reserves.


Referral program

Incentivization program to earn prANA rewards for referring new users.

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Protocol security

Protocol security
Protocol security
Protocol security
Protocol security